Wynajmij sportowy samochód do jazdy na legendarnym Nürburgring Nordschleife! W RSR dostępny jest największy wybór samochodów do jazdy na tym słynnym torze!


Czy jesteś w stanie wytrzymać tempo? Doświadcz ekstremalnego okrążenia toru Nürburgring jako pasażer z profesjonalnym kierowcą za kierownicą.


Ucz się od ekspertów. Nasze programy należą do najlepszych na świecie i są w pełni dopasowywane do twojego aktualnego poziomu umiejętności.


Wyrusz na wycieczkę objazdową z przewodnikiem prowadząc wybrany przez siebie samochoód sportowy lub supersamochód! Pokażemy Ci najlepsze trasy, ukryte sekrety toru i wiele więcej!


Kalendarz Trackdays na 2024 rok na Spa-Francorchamps

Czy wiesz, że oferujemy również trackdaye na torze Spa-Francorchamps w Belgii? Tylko 1,5 godziny drogi od Nürburgring – dlaczego nie przejechać obydwoma torami jeden po drugim?

Trackday Premium RSRNurburg i GetSpeed 2024!

Nasz Premium Trackday na torze Nürburgring to największe wydarzenie sezonu. W tym roku odbywa się w piątek 6 września 2024! Kliknij poniżej, aby uzyskać więcej informacji!


Nasze pierwsze wydarzenie w 2024 roku jest już dostępne! Dowiedz się więcej klikając na poniższy link!

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Thanks for taking care of a customer all the way from Canada This would be 4th visit with RSR Nurburg as well as my first time with RSR Spa. I didn't rent a car this time but instead booked an hour of coaching. The weather was not ideal in the morning of my original time slot and the staff were accomodating to let me pick a later time during the day. Went out with the coach for 4 TF laps, returning to adjust tire pressue in between. At the end, my coach even took me out on an extra lap in his own car and it was eye opening. The next day I had another coach at Spa Francorchomps and the experience was equally great. Best yet, RSR Spa invited me to do their track walk on the legendary Spa circuit the day after on their own track day. Thanks again for providing this great experience for me from a long away across the ocean. Until next time!
Amazing drive on the Nurburgring If you are a car enthusiast, RSRNurburg is precisely what you need to do. The whole group there are RSRNurburg was helpful from the beginning and super communicative if anything were to change or needed to be different. I even got upgraded for free to a better car (Shoutout to Francisco for being super helpful over email). The cars were in excellent condition and were exactly what I needed for a bucket list experience. Thank you again to the whole RSRNurburg team, and I highly recommend booking them for your adventures driving the Nurburgring
Taylor B
Taxi lap It was absolutely awesome. Professional organization and professional team.Thanks for everything! I''ll be back!
A real bucket list success! The team at RSR was amazing. Check-in was simple as was the safety briefing. Got an instructor for the first hour which I highly recommend if its your first time at the Ring. I've done tons of laps on a simulator but its nothing like the real thing, so getting someone to take you out for the first few laps is a wise investment if you ask me. And I was fortunate enough to get Terry, who not only shared his knowledge of the track but also some history of his racing career which added an element to the day I didnt think I would have. I got there for a track day as opposed to a tourist day, which again I highly recommend if you are a more serious sports car fan as you can drive the Dottinger Hohe flat out as opposed to having to stop each time. And if you are a more experienced driver, you will be on track with people that share that skill. The weather on my drive day was amazing, and probably out of the ordinary as rain here can be frequent. I would also recommend trying to do this in April or September as 1. those days are usually cheaper as they are in the beginning and ends of the season and 2. they are the driest months in Germany during the year. I will certainly be back here doing this again with RSR in the future.
Scott M
Amazing experience Had a absolute blast great and very friendly people even though I showed up late because of traffic I still got to drive great instructors out of all the rentals for the ring these are the people you want to book with
Andrew N
Bucket list ticked off Wow what an experience, its definitely a must do bucket list thing. The lads sat you down give you a good briefing regards do's and dont's, don't really bore you or flood you with instructions its fairly simple commen sense stuff and more importantly its for you and who's around you safety. Nice selection of cars to choose from. Our instructor Terry was a pleasure to go around the track with and gave you tips and advice on every corner,crest and camber. Very informative and a calming approach to help you enjoy your experience on the track. Would definitely do it again, maybe in a faster car next time. Nice one lads for a great experience.
Brendan M
RSR GT3 RS Taxi Riding in GT3 RS taxi during an NLS race practice. Was phenomenal and great experience. Got to see all the cars in the paddock, get suited up almost as if your in the race. Driven by a professional gets all the adrenaline pumping. 10/10 will do it again
Kaden D
A lap with the M5 CS around the Nordschleife! From my experience, RSR is a really good company. I had 6 taxi laps in one of their Porsche's on the Spa Francorchamps race track in Belgium, and it was truly spectacular. Now I chose for RSR again to have a lap around the Nordschleife. And again, it did not dissapoint. Everything was arranged well, even with their partner who provided the actual lap. It al worked seamlessly. The customer service was also really good. I could e-mail with someone who spoke Dutch which was nice. Afterwards we got a video which showed us multiple POV's from the lap.In conclusion, me and my girlfriend loved it! We would absolutely chose for RSR again. For their taxi laps, or their more renowned rental cars. It's a really good company!



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