The passionate team at RSRNurburg dedicate themselves to ensuring you have the best possible driving experience. In operation for over 20 years, RSR has helped tens of thousands of satisfied customers drive and enjoy the Nürburgring. Our expertise with the circuit is second to none.

RSR has the widest selection of sports, track and supercars available for rental in Europe. With just about every current sportscar of note, you’ll find a car that suits your driving preferences and budget. Each and every RSR hire car is thoroughly checked before and after every rental so you can be assured of the safety of the cars on track.

Don’t risk your experience, your time and your money. Drive with the experts and get on the track today.

The RSR story

The story of RSR (Ron Simons Racing) reads like an adventure out of passion for driving. Tired of soulless office work and congested city life, RSR Founder Ron Simons ‘escaped’ from the Netherlands and headed down south, driving towards full freedom.

The Nurburgring at the time was all about the brand-new Grand Prix track. The forgotten Nordschleife was open everyday but you first had to find it. Hidden behind a grandstand and iron gate, this 20km (13 mi) long rollercoaster of a dinosaur racetrack was still available and open every day of the week.

For Ron, it was all about enjoying real driving with friends back then and it still is today. Over the years, RSR has grown in size and now includes a large team of passionate staff and an international network of agents, as well as over 100 track prepared rental cars in every sports car segment. Ron and the team always have and always will continue to enjoy helping customers experience their dreams of driving both the Nürburgring Nordschleife and Spa-Francorchamps.

What are you waiting for – Drive your dreams today!

Why should you choose RSR to rent a car to drive at the ‘Ring?

Our team is fully aware that you may have travelled half the world and spent a large sum of money to be able to drive the track, so we understand that you as a customer are entitled to expect our very best when it comes to service around your rental car. Here are just some of the top reasons to make RSR your first choice for the Nürburgring!

1. The longest established car rental company at the Nürburgring
In operation for over 20 years, RSR has helped tens of thousands of satisfied customers drive and enjoy the Nürburgring. Our expertise with the circuit is second to none. If you’re booking from overseas or are visiting for the first time, you can be assured that RSR will be there when you arrive – not that you find an empty building, losing your money and no-one answering the phone!

2. The range of cars in the RSR Fleet
RSR has the widest selection of sports, track and supercars available for rental in Europe. With just about every current sportscar of note, you’ll find a car that suits your driving preferences and budget! RSR owns all these cars and they are on location at the RSRNurburg or RSRSpa facilities. Watch out for companies offering cars they don’t actually own and have to rent themselves first.

3. Car unavailable? In maintenance? No problem!
With a total of over 100 cars in our fleet, if your first choice of car isn’t available, or if it is out for maintenance then you will still be able to drive the track with something similar! Avoid turning up from your long journey to the Nürburgring, only to be told that there is no car for you!

4. A good rental car isn’t cheap, a cheap rental car isn’t good.
We may not always be the cheapest when it comes to rental cars. However, you can be sure that our cars are prepared to the highest level, most under 3 years of working service and many brand new cars each and every year! You can also be assured that our registration and paperwork is in order – In Germany there is a specific type of registration required for “Self Drive Rental Cars”. Without this, in an accident you may be personally liable, void insurance or even face jail time! Every car in the RSR fleet that runs on the Nordschleife has this special type of registration.

5. Fleet preparation for the track
Each and every RSR hire car is thoroughly checked before and after every rental, to make sure you have the best possible experience on the circuit! This means you can be assured of the safety of the cars on track, and minimise the likelihood of mechanical issues while you’re out driving on the circuit. Our cars range from standard cars, forgiving and perfect for first timers, to specially track modified cars (RSR Edition) for track experienced drivers looking for something sharper and more focused. These RSR Edition cars are built using some of the best aftermarket parts in the business, and there are a few options in each car segment (entry-level, mid-range and high-end.)

6. Our dedication to safety
The Nürburgring can be tricky. Motorsport is inherently risky. We believe fun and safety can go hand in hand. This is why each and every driver receives a full track safety briefing before they drive on the circuit. This makes you aware of what can go wrong on the circuit, and better prepares you to handle any situation – making the circuit a more informed and better place to drive! Safety is the absolute priority before anything else.


Akrapovic Exhausts – A pioneer in its field, Akrapovic is widely recognised as a highly innovative materials technology company. The brand is synonymous with the highest level of design, performance enhancement and the creation of an unmistakable deeply resonant exhaust sound.

BBS Wheels – BBS is the world’s most renowned light alloy wheel brand, a fact underlined by continuous awards from leading German and international automotive trade magazines. Careful control at every stage of manufacture, from forging or casting to surface finishing, guarantees the unimpeachable quality of BBS wheels. The aluminium alloy is also stress relieved during the manufacturing process, which is crucial to wheel strength. BBS only uses environmentally friendly coatings, and their finish easily meets the OE standards of premium car manufacturers.

KW Suspensions – KW Suspensions is one of the world’s leading suppliers of performance oriented suspension systems, with a wide range to accommodate nearly every vehicle platform, providing you the ideal product to take full potential of your sports car during track days, sports car driving clinics, and enthusiast drives on road and track.

Michelin Tyres – Michelin’s commitment to Motorsport results in extraordinary performance being delivered by its tires. Michelin form many technological partnerships with prestigious brands to develop tires and cars together, with a shared objective of performance and victory, whatever the discipline.

ProLine Wheels – As a flagship brand for premium rims, ProLine Wheels was founded in 1996 in its home country of Germany. Their creators consciously chose a globally uniform sounding name that stands for dynamism, performance and elegance. Today, more than a quarter of a century later, ProLine Wheels is a globally active brand that specializes in the production and distribution of high-quality alloy wheels. Developed and tested by German engineers, the rims from ProLine Wheels offer the highest level of performance, innovation and driving pleasure. All forged wheels from ProLine Wheels are 100% “made in Germany”.

RECARO seating – The RECARO brand is a byword in sporting car seats. Incorporated in the products of Recaro Automotive Seating is the know-how from over 100 years of company history – plus more than 40 years of expertise and passion in motorsport. RECARO racing and sports seats for high-performance vehicles combine safety, design and comfort with innovation, craftsmanship and premium quality. That’s why professional racing drivers and their teams all over the world put their faith in RECARO – on the circuit, in off-road rally cars and in endurance racing.

REVO – Market leaders in high performance software and hardware, they were established in 2002, and have over 20 years experience in ECU software calibration. Their products are tested extensively both on track and on the road to ensure the highest quality and are available in over 40 countries from over 400 Revo Authorised Dealers. “Revo was born from adrenaline-fuelled success in championship winning race teams. Inspired by the track and developed for the road, it’s the how and why we do what we do that makes us unique. Our ethos is simple; create products that truly perform and excite. By extensively testing throughout the design process we achieve unrivalled quality and performance that Only Revo can offer. Our drive is to deliver the thrill you expect, and the performance Only The Driven demand. We don’t create products we wouldn’t honestly choose ourselves.”

WINMAX Brakes – Established in 1984, WINMAX CORP. is one of the leading performance and racing brake parts manufacturers in Japan. As a subsidiary of OEM supplier MK Kashiyama Corp., Winmax has delivered a combination of racing passion and meticulous engineering for decades. Used by top motorsport teams in road racing, rally racing, gymkhana, autocross, and time trials, Winmax brake pads have been rigorously tested in competitive racing environments throughout the world.


AC Schnitzer – From motorsport to the road – for more than 30 years, AC Schnitzer have opened the door to superior vehicle technology for committed BMW, MINI, Land Rover, Jaguar and Toyota drivers. Step beyond the series to AC Schnitzer and discover custom-designed components for those very special driving moments. This exclusive form of automotive driving dynamics is combined with unrestricted suitability for everyday use. Beyond the standard.

Nring.pl – the largest Polish website and blog dedicated to Nürburgring, gathering thousands of fans. Our friend Łukasz is also the author of the first book about Nürburgring published in Poland, serving as a comprehensive compendium of knowledge about the track and suitable for both regular visitors of the Green Hell, as well as first-timers.

Alfa Romeo Challenge – Special race series featuring only Alfa Romeos. [NL]

Donkervoort – Donkervoort sports cars are known for their phenomenal performance. The combination of attractive styling, ultra-low weight, high power and superb handling like that of a race car, has resulted in a sports car that has made the hearts of countless car enthusiasts beat faster.

Ford Germany – Since 1903, Ford Motor Company has built iconic vehicles, including Model T, Continental, Mustang, F-series, and Bronco. They have also manufactured many other products, such as airplanes, radios, refrigerators, postal machines, and weather satellites.

Frozenspeed – Jochen is perhaps one of the best known photographers in the motorsport community (and especially from the Nurburgring and Spa), and when you see his photos, you will understand why!

Hotel am Tiergarten – The Hotel was founded 1969 by Ursula Schmitz who still runs the hotel together with her son Beat and her daughters Petra, Susanne and Sabine. They are well situated ( 150 m to the GP Track Start and Finish and 500 m to the Nordschleifen-entrance ) in the center of Nürburg

IdWORX Bicycles – Bicycles from idworx are built with a no compromises philosophy. The best shifting mechanisms, the best brakes on the stiffest frame with the best possible rims.

International Classic Car informer – International Classic Car Informer (ICCI) was started by semi professional classic car restorer and racer Tim Llewellyn in the UK. It is intended to become the best source of supplier business contacts for both professionals and amateurs alike in the classic car world.

Autohaus Kainz – As an exclusive BMW and BMW i contract partner, MINI partner and certified BMW M base, with Autohaus Kainz has three locations in the Eifel – Moselle region and stand for customer-oriented service.

Lotus Cars – Lotus Cars is a British manufacturer of sports and racing cars based at the former site of RAF Hethel, a World War II airfield in Norfolk. The company designs and builds race and production automobiles of light weight and fine handling characteristics.

NIMEX Motorsport – NIMEX Motorsport has been a constant in motorsport for 37 years, offering its customers extensive motorsport equipment that meets the needs of the ambitious hobby driver as well as professional racing teams.

Pirelli Tyres – from Italy are a company pioneer in the production of tyres for cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles, with a wide range of solutions designed to achieve the highest performances and comfort on all roads and in all weather conditions.

Porsche PON Import NL – The first country to which Porsches were exported was the Netherlands; On August 8, 1949, the contract was signed between Porsche and Pon’s Automobile Trade, making Pon the very first Porsche importer in the world.

Racelogic – RACELOGIC design and manufacture electronic systems to measure, record, display, analyse and simulate data from moving vehicles. Their flagship VBOX has become an industry standard way of measuring speed, position, distance and acceleration, whilst their VBOX Motorsport in-car camera systems and performance meters are increasingly popular in motorsport.

Race Navigator – The portable data recording system for your track days. The Race Navigator ONE offers drivers of sports cars as well as motorsports professionals an intuitively functioning system designed to record and analyze laps on the race track.

Race Inc Trackday Insurance – Raceinc offers you tailor-made insurance protection for all types of vehicles – from production vehicles to Formula racing cars.

Racewear 24 – Racewear24 is your professional and competent partner when it comes to motor sport clothing and equipment. In their online shop you can order items easily and conveniently, and their line always contains the latest trends and innovations of brands like Alpina, UVEX Sports and more

Renault Autohaus Reuffel – for Renault and Alfa Romeo – Customers from previous years may recognise the Reuffel name. Autohaus Reuffel is your number 1 contact for new Renaults and servicing, and their Alfa expertise is second-to-none. Bernd’s team can also take care of any rare or classic car.

Restaurant Pistenklause – Some of the most famous race drivers in the world have celebrated their victories at the Pistenklause Restaurant. Legends like Nikki Lauda, Ayrton Senna or Mikka Hakkinen have all left their traces. If you haven’t been here, you haven’t been to the Nürburgring!

Sandtler Automotive Parts – When it comes to racing, Sandtler is your reliable partner for motorsport clothing and vehicle parts of all kinds. In their shop you will find quality products and technology from known manufacturers that you can fully rely on in any situation. Equip yourself, your team, your vehicle, your pitbox and garages.

Autohaus Scherer – The Scherer Group includes 31 car dealerships at 19 locations in Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Saarland. The brands Audi, Volkswagen, VW commercial vehicles, Porsche, Maserati, Skoda, Seat, Cupra and MAN are traded there and serviced.

Speed Secrets – Coaching, information & presentations for performance & race driver, and instructors, from Ross Bentley.

Speed Engineering – PURE ENGINEERING. Thinking in new ways – this slogan accompanies the Speed Engineering team in their ideas, developments, designs and products. Their standard is the extremely high requirements in motorsport, which is reflected in every step of their work, whether in motorsport or away from the racetrack.

Tourifotos – Nürburgring Photography by our friend Martin Stollenwerk. If you’re looking for photos of yourself driving on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, then Tourifotos.de is the best place to start. Martin is out taking photos almost every day, so you’ll be sure to get the dynamic shot of your car on track that you’ve been looking for.

DTE Systems – DTE Systems GmbH develops, produces and sells performance tuning for cars, trucks and tractors. With the chiptuning product PowerControl for cars, the engine performance is increased by 25 to 30% while with the PowerControl PDX for trucks lesser fuel consumption of about 12% can be achieved. A second DTE product line is the PedalBox: the gas pedal tuning for all passenger cars with an electronic accelerator. The PedalBox shortens the reaction time of throttle response and leads to a noticeable improvement in acceleration by approximately 10%.


Glastec Windscreens – All windscreens and windshields. Repairs or replacements. Can be fitted at RSR or your hotel!

Northloop – British community of Nurburgring fans

Nürburgring Official Website – The official website of the Nürburgring, containing information about the track and things to do, track opening times, event dates and more!

Nurburgring.org.uk – This British Based Nürburgring web portal is a collection of helpful hints, tips and recommendation for first timers driving at the track. If it’s your first time here, have a read through the information, whether your renting, driving your own car, or riding your own bike.

p101tv – The independant Porsche Channel. Channel P101tv is a site dedicated to all things Porsche. It’s a community for sharing your enthusiasm in Porsche by video, pictures, blogs and community chat. The site was born in March 2010 out of a lifelong passion for the Porsche.

Pistonspy – Pistonspy is the realisation of his passion for motorsport and photography and contains a Stock of more than 50,000 images.

Racetracker.de – Here you can find photos from numerous motorsport events in Germany. Get your pictures of the famous tourist trips on the Nürburgring Nordschleife or from various events like the VLN Endurance Championship, constancy tests, Formula events and events hosted by motorsport fans.

Ring Portal – The list with all Nürburgring Nordschleife Touristenfahrten Photographers. In their list you’ll find every single photographer who has visited the Nürburgring Nordschleife Touristenfahrten. Finding pictures from your vehicle on the Nordschleife is simple: The list is sorted by the last date on which an update was made to one of the galleries. Links in the middle column point to the website with Touristenfahrten photo galleries from a photographer.

Tuning-gids.nl is the largest car tuning and styling guide in The Netherlands. Over 1.000 in-depth articles cover almost every car tuning aspect. Need styling tips, performance upgrades inspiration or other tuning ideas? We’ll inspire you and help improve your car. We frequently post new modified car tuning and styling articles, so check back frequently!



Booking from overseas? For local expertise and assistance, contact one of our international booking agents below!

Rob Thomson can help you book any RSR product, backing it up with advice and help from his own personal experiences at the ‘ring. Rob can also put together a bespoke program for you and your group both at the ring and Spa Francorchamps. Contact Rob via email: glenrob68@outlook.com

Rodrigo Gomes is a true petrol head from Rio de Janeiro, a TrackDay events promoter since 2003. He has travelled around the world behind the motorsports scene attending events at Interlagos, Jacarepaguá, Curitiba, Londrina, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Orlando, Las Vegas, Brands Hatch, Hockenheim, A1ring and many other racetracks across the globe. In 2012 he took a trip to Germany, and did a tourist ride at the Nordschleife. It was love at first drive, and he managed to return in 2013 to stablish a partnership with RSR and promote it all across his fellows. Don´t hesitate to contact him, he will be more than happy to use his knowledge and experience to bring enthusiasts for the most challenging track in the world. Contact: +55 21 995775776 – oktaner@gmail.com

Lee Kersch is an automotive enthusiast with interests in all things motorized. After Lee & his wife experienced the Nordschleife track and the great German countryside in exotic cars they were hooked for life. Lee is based in Canada and is here to assist you in tailoring a driving experience to top your bucket list or to add that special touch to your European Holiday. Lee can help you put together an unforgettable experience whether you are a first timer or a seasoned professional. Email: kerschexoticcar@gmail.com Cell Phone: +1 (403)-874-4105

Hungary: www.Nordschleife.hu
Miklos Bertalan is a racing driver since 2003, drove several categories from Cup cars to WRCs. He works as a part-time instructor, and has coached drivers from newbies to successful racers in high-powered cars. Mike is also the founder and leader of the Hungarian Lancer Evo Club, and co-writer of the official WRC yearbook. Website: www.Nordschleife.hu

India: Racetech.in
Racetech‘s focus has always been on servicing and providing performance parts and aftersales service to supercar owners in India and have recently partnered with RSR to offer European trackdays and road tours to their customers.  If you live in the region and want to discuss what options you have to drive the best race tracks and roads in Europe get in touch with Racetech to discuss your options. Phone: +91 80 4171 2727 Website: www.racetech.in

Since 2004, when Dany drove the Nurburgring Nordschleife for his first time, he became a regular visitor to the most adrenalin-fun and most demanding track in the world. Beside owning & managing – G-DriveTech – his own company for personal 1-on-1 advanced, sport and extreme driving instruction in Israel, Dany has large experience in motorsport all over the world. Using this experience and as a former race driver, you are guaranteed to have the best and most pleasant service on your next Nurburgring experience. Preparing drivers, escorting groups, booking cars or just getting answers for your questions, are things that Dany is already doing for many years. So next time you think about the Nurburgring, give him a call at +972 54 4307031 or contact him by e-mail: dany@rsrnurburg.com

Mexico and Latin America: nurburgring.com.mx
Mexican racing driver Juan Carlos Carmona can help you from his personal experience at the Nurburgring and Spa-Francorchamps. He raced in the 24 hours of Mexico in 2012, the same year he met Ron Simons and the team at RSRNurburg. After this he realised he also wanted to send his fellow countrymen to have a real life-experience with the team at the Nurburgring. Do not hesitate to give him a call: +52 55 5107 2900 (Cell) Email: carmona@nurburgring.com.mx Website: http://nurburgring.com.mx

Poland: Nring.pl
The largest Polish website and blog dedicated to Nürburgring, gathering thousands of fans. Our friend Łukasz is also the author of the first book about Nürburgring published in Poland, serving as a comprehensive compendium of knowledge about the track and suitable for both regular visitors of the Green Hell, as well as first-timers.

South Africa: www.roadandrace.co.za
Antony is well equipped to provide you with the ultimate European motoring experience helping right from the start with your Visa requirements, advice on the best places to stay an eat all the way up to coaching you to be able to race in the mighty VLN endurance series at the Nurburgring. For a custom itinerary plan, individual or group, contact Antony Ashley today: ant@roadandrace.co.za , FaceBook: Antony Ashley, Skype: Antony.Ashley26, Website: www.roadandrace.co.za

United States:
William O’Keefe will be pleased to consult with prospective clients based in the Americas on RSR products and services. As a passionate driver, ‘Ring enthusiast, and well seasoned traveller, he is well suited to help future and return RSR clients create an experience to meet their interest, skill level and budget. Contact William on william@rsrnurburg.com or +1 (973) 641 2899.

United States: Exclusive Track Days
Many of our customers are unaware of our long-standing relationship with ETD, a track day company based in California. ETD offers several events during the year, although most take place at Laguna Seca and Sonoma Raceway, which are both excellent tracks in California. The owner of ETD, Ace Robey, has been an active member of the RSR team for years. In addition to bringing over customers from the U.S. to our events at the Nurburgring and Spa, he works as an instructor at RSR and provides our customers with taxi laps when he is here racing both at Nurburgring and Spa. RSR and ETD will be working together more in 2019 and providing some unique experiences for our customers. Feel free to check out their website for more information on their events: http://www.exclusivetrackdays.org

Interested in becoming an international RSR booking agent? Contact us today on sales@rsrnurburg.com


RSR is regularly featured in magazines from all around the world. Below are a collection of some of the stories we have been featured in – check back regularly for updates!












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